What You Can Get When Hiring a Proofreader?

For most non-English speakers, composing a literary piece for academic purposes is such an ordeal for it is restricted by numerous English grammar rules. Even those whose mother tongue is the English language are still having the same problem. Grammar plays a major role in literature, especially in academic writing. It is the key to disseminate informative content.

Perfect Grammar

The incorrect usage of English grammar could be detrimental to the thought of a composition, and it forfeits its purpose, too. It could also be damaging to one’s credibility particularly those who have attained high educational degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. Having good grammar is not only limited to sticking to the set rules but also involves establishing a smooth rapport of ideas, correct usage of punctuations, and rectification of misspelled words.

In academic papers, referencing from another literature adds another burden to under and post-graduate students because of paraphrasing which is laborious. The setting up of coherency of the gathered interrelated information is also cumbersome let alone it’s formatting, citing, and referencing. The probable revisions and edits for every submission add anxiety, too, to the students and other writers working under their technical writing managers who evaluate their works. To avoid this, proofreading and editing come into play.

Perfect proofreading

Proofreading is a method used by professional editing companies like once you can get from proofreader Singapore to ensure a public-ready document. This method involves eliminating typing, spelling, and grammar mistakes. It also checks the consistency of language used and the writing format. While its editing counterpart ensures the enhancement of the overall quality of a writeup by correcting the sentence structure and language clarity which are the core issues of writing. These methods are employed before the publication process to create readable content that is error-free. Both of these services are offered by proofreaders to assist you in creating impactful content that is written for the appropriate audience.

Proofreader Singapore is an acclaimed Singaporean-based professional writing and editing service provider which has an over 12 yrs of experience in the industry. It had helped 6,000 Singaporean students in breaking the language barrier in the academes by delivering quality written outputs handled by professional writing specialists that undergone a strict hiring and training process. Because of this, it has been featured in 3 prominent Singaporean news channels and has been continually receiving great testimonials from its satisfied customers both locally and internationally due to its affordable and quality writing and editing services. Its proofreading and editing services come in different plans which perfectly fit your budget.

Cost Effective

It charges as low as $0.03 to 0.05 per word, and $20 per 1,000 words with intermediate to advanced proofreading features. Its proofread drafts saved in .docx format contain all the necessary corrections which are found in the comment section to guide the clients at which parts they had committed errors. This is in line with the principle the team upholds which states that learning by example is the most effective educational tool.

So, whether you are a student, job hunter, blogger, book writer or whatever profession you are in as long as you need proofreading and editing service, proofreaders are there ready for you. You may check their other writing services, sample works, and clients’ testimonials at their site.

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