What are the reasons behind the heat pump tripping the circuit breaker?

The heat pump systems are designed to give you the solution for heating and cooling, but you still have to face the problems from time to time. In case, a heat pump causes tripping breaker switches, it is important that you should look into the problems. Your home can become uncomfortable if the heat pump systems don’t work properly.

Issues associated with ductless heat pumps

The common problem we all face is when a system doesn’t turn on. In certain cases, the issues can easily be resolved, while in some you need professional help. The experts work by using troubleshooting methods for identifying the problems and give the solutions. Some of the common reasons behind heat pump problems are –

  • Blown up fuses of electrical panels.
  • Locking up heat pumps to stop their use.
  • Engaging the emergency shut off switches.
  • Tumbled reset button present on the outdoor unit.
  • Improper settings on the thermostat.

Among all, the tripped circuit breakers are the most common issue found by homeowners. To deal with this situation, try to close the breaker to cut down the electricity of the heat pump. Moreover, in spite of turning the breaker on and off, it is always better to find the root cause.

Sometimes the issue can be corrected by making sure that the thermostat is working rightly. If the thermostat is configured properly and your system is not working, try to press the reset button present on the outdoor unit.

Call Wolfers Heating for the effective working of your ductless heating system

It is always better to call professionals when your pump is tripping circuit breakers constantly. You should call the professionals and get a guide to heat pumps and finding the best contractor.  

Wolfers Heating specializes in servicing ductless heating systems. the professionals are skilled and qualified who are experts in dealing with your heat pump systems. The team is trained in a manner to identify and resolve the issues. Calling the experts is a far better way to provide you with ultimate heat pump solutions.  

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