SEO strategy for multilingual campaigns

How do I go about running an SEO campaign for audiences in multiple countries? Should I use one agency or one Agency for each country?

In today’s article I want to answer all these questions which always create confusion for SEO experts India as well as business owners.

SEO is hard enough in English, right? So my first advice is to take each country one at a time, this allows you to treat each country individually and tailor your approach.  We had a major retail client who wanted to perfect their approach in every country. We advised them to start with the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe.

since they already had some Brand awareness that to take one country at a time, allowed them to pin down the insight into that audience, such as the browsing habits, tastes, and the types of keywords they were searching for. Since then they have moved into France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, or with success so the message is to be careful because every country is different.

In Russia, many people are using Yandex to search not Google or in Nigeria, Mobile penetration is high. So you need to consider a new approach. If it’s all good to many countries at once you might miss the little details that count.

Then there was the question of agencies, one Agency for all areas or multiple Specialist agencies. I think the key here is keeping control in-house so finding a partner, not a supplier, and should you hire local agencies or use one that covers all areas?

Well, as, you know, there are some awesome SEO agencies and some really bad ones and you don’t know until you’ve tried them. So choosing one agency, who knows what they’re doing means you get it right the first time. Whereas going in the country could be risky because I have less control. So pay less and pay twice, or pay more and pay once.

Brand consistency is really important with multiple SEO agencies. You might end up with a fragmented brand. So to avoid that happening, I suggest going to one agency that understands your marketing objectives.

At snap visibility, Our SEO experts understand your business objective deeply and design a proper digital marketing strategy for it.

The most important part of Global SEO is to understand your target country or region language and trends. Without understanding it you can never expand your business globally.

Our experts have been working in this field for years and many business partners have achieved their objective with us.

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