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Huge number of companies are starting daily across the world. The competition among the companies is also increasing along with the number. Show the companies should work a lot to stay in the front line in their field. Everything in their company cannot be managed by the management. So the companies are hiring some agencies to manage some of their administration. Most of the companies take the help of HR department. The HR department is a group of people who manages the entire cycle of an employee in their company. HR department start with the recruitment of an employee to the termination of an employee. The hr solutions companies in Singapore also administer the employee benefits. The HR Services mainly supports the employees but also against the employees if they don’t follow the rules of the company. They even have the right of terminating the employees.

What are the functions of HR Services?

The important tasks of the HR Services are

  • The main function of the HR Services is the recruitment of a candidate to the job. The HR Services have to understand the needs of an organisation our a company and also the needs of an employee. It is the responsibility of the HR Services to meet the needs of an organisation and the employee. Before recruiting a candidate to the job the HR Services analyse the market situation and then cancel the stakeholders to ask whether they can manage the budget. But it is the responsibility of the HR Services to take the right person into the job. HR Services can also advertise their requirement of the candidates. HR Services can interview the candidates for the process of recruitment.
  • HR Services also function to hire the new employees. They can arrange for an interview and select the new employees accordingly. The entire paperwork of their job is done by the HR Services. The complete information of an employee from his first day to the last day of the job is governed by the HR Services.
  • The complete pay-out of an employee is calculated by the HR Services. The taxes of an employee and number of working hours leaves are calculated by the HR Services. The expenses made by the employee is reimbursed by the HR Services. And the bonuses of an employee is calculated and is added to their salaries. Show the complete monthly and annual report of an employee is made by the HR Services.
  • Even though the HR Services benefits the employees in many ways through their actions but there is bad rap between the employees and HR Services. The main reason for this is the HR Services also handle the disciplinary actions of an employee if they are against any rules of the company. The disciplinary action against an employee taken by the HR make cause him poor reputation. But when the situation is handled appropriately the action taken against the employee may lead him into success.


Hope you are clear with functions of the HR.

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