All You Need to Know About Roof Decking

Roofing system decking, also called sheathings, are the boards which fill the areas between the roofing system’s architectural parts, such as trusses as well as joists. Decking offers a level aircraft to which tiles can be secured and employees can use as a path. For steel roofs, outdoor decking supplies the added benefit of sound absorption, making the roof covering quieter during rains.

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There are lots of sorts of products that can be utilized for roofing system decking, a few of which are perfect for certain kinds of household roofing systems.

  • Oriented strand board: OSB is the most usual sort of material utilized for roof outdoor decking. It’s sturdy and readily offered, as well as has fairly inexpensive. OSB is constructed from interwoven hairs of wood adhered with glue.
  • Plywood: Half-inch construction-grade plywood is an additional usual building material used for roofing system outdoor decking. The installation techniques coincide with OSB, consisting of the standard spacing needed for thermal development and contraction.
  • Tongue and groove: Tongue, as well as groove decking, is built from two-by-six boards. Each board has a “tongue” on one end as well as a “groove” on the various other that locks right into each other during setup. This type of outdoor decking is used on roofing that does not have a ceiling. The boards have a visual result when watched inside.
  • Plank sheathing: While not as preferred as it was before the 1970s, plank sheathing continues to be in operation for sure sorts of roofs, such as timber shakes. As opposed to a flat aircraft, the timber slabs are spaced about.


A standard roofing system deck is generally helpful for two installments. This suggests if the last roof substitute consisted of a new decking product, as well as presuming the roof structure is even now structurally great, the same roofing deck can be utilized for the following setup. Utilizing it for the third time is not suggested as it would be perforated from the previous setups. Your roofer will figure out the condition of your roofing system before providing you a quotation.

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