“The Internet of Me: Solving today’s personal data issues”, presented by Julian Ranger, Digi.me

According to Julian Ranger, there are many issues today with personal data, from privacy concerns, new data protection rules such as the EU GDPR, through to the inability of businesses to get effective data, concerns over sharing which could inhibit the IoT and many others.

The Internet of Me is a simple, but radical solution to these issues – it is where the individual is at the centre of their digital life, owning and controlling their own data and who sees it. The Internet of Me concept provides the simple solution to the issues identified in a true win-win situation for both users and businesses.

About Julian Ranger
Julian founded his first business STASYS, specialising in the military internet, in 1987 and grew it to a major multi-national business before selling to Lockheed Martin in 2005. Julian is an angel investor (e.g. Hailo, DataSift, Astrobotic) and is the founder of digi.me, which is re-imagining the personal Internet.

About Digi.me
Digi.me is a groundbreaking app that enables individuals to own all their own data, for their own benefit, and then enables them to control sharing with businesses. This allows businesses to have greater knowledge, innovation and trust leading to higher engagement and hence value to both businesses and consumers.

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