“Reflective Intelligence, companion technology for personal development” – Presented by Leo de Penning, Illuminoo

“Reflective Intelligence, companion technology for personal development “– Presented by Leo de Penning , Illuminoo B.V., at The Internet of People Event, December 15, 2016, Designhuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

When it comes to companion technology, a big-data approach typically poses two problems; people don’t like to share personal data on the internet, and the output captures mainly group statistics. In order to be relevant for an individual human, the machine needs to capture personal data only, and the human needs to trust the machine in order to do so accurately. Illuminoo creates reflective intelligence that allows humans and machines to learn and develop together, individually and in groups. And in a secure manner, without the need to share personal data over the internet.

About Leo de Penning
Leo de Penning is founder and managing director of Illuminoo, a new AI company that specializes in reflective intelligence for personal development. He is currently finishing a PhD on Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agents, and has a strong background in Machine Learning, Visual Intelligence, and Learning Analytics.

About Illuminoo B.V. 
Illuminoo is a high-tech AI company that develops neural-symbolic companion technology to help users gain insights in their own personal behavior through machine learning, reflective intelligence, learning analytics and secure knowledge sharing.

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