Imagine we would design the Internet today – Presented by Maarten Louman, Qiy Foundation

Maarten Louman

Imagine we would design the Internet today – Presented by Maarten Louman, Qiy Foundation at The Internet of People Event, December 15, 2016, Designhuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

People do not know what happens with their data. Data they produce themselves and data produced by vendors, advertisers and things that are connected to the Internet. You can’t trust the Internet, most people think. But the economy is increasingly dependent on confidence in the digital world.

On the new Internet people will be part of it as nodes in the network, being able to connect and exchange data and using smart and reliable apps for overview, insight and more. We will be able to use validated data from a trusted source and make it available to others on our terms, under our control.

About Maarten Louman
Maarten Louman is co-founder of the Qiy Foundation and partner at Digital Me BV. He has a broad experience in innovation and marketing & communications. He is also board member of Cultuurkathedraal, a foundation seeking to reverse supply and demand in the world of culture.

About Qiy Foundation
Company description (max. 50 words): The non-profit Qiy Foundation has developed a global and interoperable scheme that offers digital self-determination to everyone. It connects people with friends and family and trusted organisations without the intermediate platforms needing to know everything about them. The Qiy Scheme improves privacy and security.



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