Connected learning about sustainability with Solly, the sun-eating robot, presented by Teun van Roessel, The Solly System

teun van roessel

The Solly System, created by Teun van Roessel, is an educational kit that teaches children about sustainability in the most fun and engaging way. It connects physical learning with the digital world while collecting useful data about the progress of learning.

The kit contains playful robots that can collect, distribute, accumulate and use green energy. The main collecting robot; Solly, can “eat” solar rays and collects data about the process. Based on this data, the children earn points which they can spend in the Solly educational game. Children can also do assignments digitally, creating their own personal portfolio of learning during their time in elementary school.

About Teun van Roessel
Passionate designer that wants to change the world using playfulness to create awareness and behaviour change. Currently busy on the Solly project, finding a way to generate energy awareness from a young age. Creating the most playful and engaging educational kit to tackle the worlds greatest problem; climate change.

About The Solly System
It is a Team of designers, (software) engineers and educational experts that want to change the world for the better using modern innovative tools to teach children about sustainability.

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