Speaker Partners

Below you can find the speaker partners of the Internet of People Event 2017, which took place on October 3, at B. Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

TU DelftTU Delft wishes to remain a technology university with a leading global reputation. To do this, our aim is to maintain a full range of high-quality disciplines, courses and unique facilities in the engineering sciences. Collaboration is an essential part of this, on the basis of our strong identity and reputation. TU Delft wants to be a breeding ground for cutting-edge technological scientific developments to meet the great societal challenges of our age.
Internet of ElephantsInternet of Elephants is a social enterprise based in Kenya and the United States.

We are a collaboration of technologists, conservationists, educators, data-scientist, game designers, and strategists working together towards a stronger connection between people and wild animals.

from luxury to necessityWhat do computers and smartphones have in common with the railways, electricity, and the automobile? Each triggered a technological revolution that radically changed the way in which we live, work, eat, shop and enjoy ourselves.

From Luxury to Necessity shows how these technological revolutions affected everyday life and led to new consumer practices. Even though they would develop into absolute necessities within decades, all of them started as novelties for which meaningful uses were still unclear. The true value of the technologies was only realized when consumers started using them as part of new and valuable practices.

logo het nieuwe instituutThe New Institute is a cultural organization that explores the fracture lines in current (and historical) innovation processes in architecture, design and digital culture. The New Institute makes pulse programs such as exhibitions, lectures, workshops, debentures and publications and collaborates with many parties around the questions of current unfamiliar practice.