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The conference organizers welcome enquiries from the press. Accredited journalists can attend this conference and/or arrange interviews with the speakers.
Accreditation should be arranged in advance of the conference. It is granted to active editorial staff and freelancers, subject to proof of an editorial job function, a freelance commission or a valid card.
To register for a complimentary pass, contact us via this form.

Event Description

Towards a Sustainable Future: From Things to People, from People to Society.
How often haven’t we embraced new technology in the past, only to find out much, much later that we underestimated its impact on society? Today, the impact of digital technology becomes evidently much quicker. Which requires us, as a society, to respond a lot quicker too.

Luckily, today’s conditions allow us to drastically shorten our response time. Governments and businesses are catching up, and want to move towards a more responsible, resilient and safer digital society. And that is music to our ears.
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