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Below you can find the media partners of the Internet of People Event 2017, which took place on October 3, at B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Conference is a platform for hardware and security community where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware.

Learn from experts about backdoors, exploits, trust, assurance and attacks on hardware equipment, firmware and related protocols.

Focus topics for embedded device, IoT, IC Reversing, Automobile, Healthcare, Telecom, SCADA/ICS, ATM/POS systems device security.

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING is a consulting of global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our goal is your target in a future visionary way to create a synergy business bridge between SME’s companies and R&D laboratories to merge together in revolutionary and innovation projects.

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING stays focussed both on private and public organisations, NGOs, universities, educational institutes and agencies offering various services related to European funded programmes such as Horizon 2020 helping them to access EU funds.

For more info please visit our website or contact us:

DatafloqDatafloq is the One-Stop Source for Big Data, offering information, insights, knowledge and opportunities to drive innovation with data.

It is the best place to find talent, receive leads or share your knowledge with millions of users. Visit today for more information.

TracticaTractica is a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology. The company’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across multiple application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets. Tractica’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the emerging market opportunities surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, User Interface Technologies, Wearable Devices, and Digital Health.
displayplusDisplay+ ( launched its print issue in 2005 as a trade show magazine for FPD manufacturing & application. Joining big trade shows as a media sponsor, it has been publishing printed issues on a sponsorship basis to help maximize exhibitors’ brand awareness. It extended the coverage to semiconductor, LED/lighting, solar/PV and telecom.

While solidifying itself as a PR-oriented newswire, Display+ print issues mostly feature the industry news and updates from sponsors, big exhibitors and emerging companies. It has a strong relationship with trade show organizers in Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan. This had led Display+ to move its Silicon Valley head office to Korea.

Display+ also publishes show special e-newsletters on a case-by-case basis when it joins trade events as a media sponsor or there is a big event for the industry. Display+ is highly regarded as an excellent promotional medium tool among both event organizers and exhibitors as it reaches out global readers engaged in the industry.

iChainneliChainnel is a personalized supply chain news and information service.

It offers the latest news and information for your interests from thousands of newspapers, magazines, and websites.

You can follow your supply chain channels as you go.(

Eindhoven Maker FaireDuring Eindhoven Maker Faire you will meet robots, drones, technology, new techniques, amazing inventions and a colorful mix of projects.

Try (almost) everything yourself, participate in dozens of workshops and learn how to encode or how to solder.

Experience what these 200 makers got in store for you and get inspired by them!

“Ital-IoT” is the first coworking-network of multidisciplinary research on the Internet of Things. The founders are young Italian lawyers, designers, computer scientists, engineers, philosophers, psychologists, economists, cultural mediators, project managers,marketers, e-commerce managers, and students. Along with the genuine multidisciplinarity of the group, its distinguishing characteristic is that Ital-IoT does not merely carry out theoretical research: it resolves the (legal, technical, societal, etc.) issues involved in the IoT in order to ensure a responsible deployment of the technology. Currently Ital-IoT is developing an app for mobile devices made by and targeted to the children.
Vrij NederlandFounded as a resistance paper in World War II, Vrij Nederland is a magazine on politics, culture, society and technology.

From the philosophy of algorithms to an analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s presidential aspirations, Vrij Nederland tells the stories of our time.

Stories that clarify, deepen, surprise, inspire, move and entertain. Stories that open the world. Stories that enrich.

Mind CommerceMind Commerce is your trusted source for research and strategic analysis focused on digital technologies and the telecommunications industry. Our reports provide key trends, projections, and in-depth analysis for infrastructure, platforms, devices, applications, services, emerging business models and opportunities.Key focus areas for Mind Commerce include:Cloud Computing, Data Technologies, and the Internet of Things. Contact us today for an initial discussion and/or briefing about our research.

If you are interested in a media partnership, send us an email to d.macovei [at]