Artificial Intelligence – Presented by Jasper Wognum, BrainCreators

Artificial Intelligence – Presented by Jasper Wognum, BrainCreators, at the Internet of People Event, which will take place on 23 November 2018, at Studio HvA Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We give an overview of AI development and zoom in on some business cases

What drives you?
Technical people and practical challenges

What are the three things you would take with you on a deserted Island?
Leatherman, Cold beer and my wife

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
AI is currently in a hype with the risk of over-promise. Our focus is realizing the AI solutions that are currently feasible so people still remember us when the hype is over

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
AI is going to be a fundamental part of every aspect in society

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
People should stop doing experiments with AI and start building scalable solutions

What do you hope people to learn from your presentation?
I want to give a better understanding of the technology behind AI and demonstrate some cases

About Jasper Wognum
Jasper started his study of artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam in 1995. After a master’s in computational psychology fintech startup Transparent was founded. Using algorithms, errors in the accounting of multinationals could be found and restored.

In 2006, the recovering internet market stared and Jasper switched to e-commerce agency Strawberries. A unique opportunity presented itself to social network Hyves, where Jasper became responsible for product, design and quality assurance. After the sale of Hyves to TMG, Jasper spent a few years in the same role within TMG online.

After a short ad interim period at startup Fashiolista, LookLive was founded, a concept that recognized and sold clothing worn by famous people with the aid of artificial intelligence. The time turned out to be ripe for AI’s broad deployment, and Jasper founded BrainCreators together with former fellow students. Today BrainCreators is one of the most experienced teams of AI specialists in the Netherlands and abroad.

Besides BrainCreators, Jasper is active as a startup coach, ambassador for City.AI, music producer and angel investor.

About BrainCreators
We create enterprise grade hard and software solutions. Our products solve efficiency problems, create valuable data insights and automate processes across many different industries.

We actively share our expertise with your teams and provide the platform to apply AI technology throughout your enterprise. We turn your data into a valuable asset and your teams into experts.

We bridge the gap between science and business applications. We constantly test new algorithms in real life situations. The survivors are added to our toolbox of models and algorithms.


About Internet of People Event
The Internet of People Event will take place on November 23, 2018, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Scope: Internet of People (IoP) = Internet of Things (IoT) + the ’WOW’ factor, The Human. In the following years we will see an entirely new Internet emerging, as the Internet unleashes itself from the creators’ intentions and develops in transformative ways. Humans are shaping the future of this new human Internet. When things get smarter, how do humans and things cooperate? The conference will address this social aspect of the internet, the internet of humans.

Focus topics: Interaction between things and humans | The Human Internet vs the Machine Internet | People as peripherals | Big Data; New open standards for personal data | Social impact of connected devices | Internet of Brain | Security and Privacy | Ethical issues | Cloud intelligence | Cognitive computing | Wearable Technology and Application | Technology developments: Human body signal collection/ Biometric Sensors/ Improved human interface

It will be a niche and innovative event, where you will be able to join in the discussions around the main topics. The conference also includes lunch, breaks and drinks & snacks in the evening, a nice opportunity of networking with the other attendees and the speakers (you will also receive the list of participants a couple of days before the conference, so you can plan ahead).

For more information and registration, we invite you to visit

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